2012-15 Strategic Plan

Jerry Smith, GM, First Stage, and Heather Young, Principal, Young Associates, have worked with CARFAC Ontario, its Board, Advisory Committee, Executive Director and staff.  The objectives of our work were to:

  • Explore existing and potential revenue opportunities, including from membership, programming, private and public sources, with a view to maximizing CARFAC's resource base.
  • Investigate options for allocation of resources, to make the best use of staff and budget in furtherance of CARFAC's mission.
  • Initiate facilitated discussions with service organizations having compatible goals and operations, to consider potential synergies around sharing space and other resources.
  • Summarize findings and conclusions in a three-year business plan document, supported by financial projections.

Although this plan offers a series of steps to execute on a year-by-year basis, the reality is that this plan is more about orchestrating – like the conductor on the podium – keeping all of the elements of the plan together so that they finish together.

You can accesses the full document here: 2012-15 Strategic Plan

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