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The CARFAC Ontario Advisory Notes are brief documents (between 3 – 17 pages long) that summarize everything you need to know on a specific topic relating to your artistic practice. Do you have a question about the business of your art? Chances are that we have an advisory note to answer your questions. These are available by email in PDF format.

The PDF format includes articles on the following topics:
Art On the Menu
Artist/Dealer Checklist
Artist/Exhibition Checklist
Artist Groups: Community Development for Artists
Artist/Mural Checklist
Sample Artist/Mural Contract - Notes
Artist/Public Gallery Exhibition Agreement
Business Entities for Artists
Certificate of Canadian Origin
Copyright & Commissioned Works
Copyright for Visual Artists
Exhibiting/Selling Outside of Canada
GST & Artists
Guidelines for Organizing Art
Commission Competitions
Guidelines for Professional Standards in the Organization of Juried Exhibitions
Guidelines for Professional Standards in the Organization of Fund-raising Events
Health Hazards & Safety Tips for Artists
Hidden Dangers in the Sale of Artworks
Insuring Your Artwork
Marketing Strategies for Visual Artists
Model Releases
Notes on Art in Public Places
Original Prints & Reproductions
Preparing for Your Tax Return
Retransmission Rights
Trademarks & Trade Names
Using Photographic Images as Source Material
Warehouse Studio Health & Safety
Writing for Visual Artists

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