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National Gallery of Canada Negotiations 
All eligible members to vote on the Collective Agreement this coming May 

In January and March of 2018, negotiation teams from CARFAC, RAAV and the National Gallery of Canada met about the terms of our scale agreement, first signed in 2015. The results of these meetings were successful, and we have come to a tentative 4-year agreement that sees changes and gains for artists who are engaged by the gallery. Now we need members of CARFAC and RAAV to vote on this agreement so that it can be made official.

Become a member or renew* by April 27, and you can cast your vote on the proposed minimum fees paid to artists by the National Gallery of Canada. In early April, all CARFAC members in good standing will receive a letter and an email providing more details about the agreement and voting process. If you do not receive this by April 20, please contact us as soon as possible to check that we have your correct contact information.

All members of CARFAC and RAAV, whether you have worked with the National Gallery or not, are encouraged to vote for three reasons:

1. We want your input
2. A minimum voter turnout is required for the agreement to be valid
3. This agreement serves as an example for other galleries so that all artists will benefit from improved working conditions

History of the Collective Agreement can be found here

In addition to having your voice heard, there are many great benefits to being a CARFAC Ontario Member. Don’t take it from us, here what one member has to say:

 “I attended the CARFAC Ontario AGM this afternoon. I've been a member for four years. The reasons I joined -
1- It's cheap. Only $85/year.
2- I joined everything back then. I was building my network and community in the art world. 
Four years later, here's why I'm happy I'm a member - 
1- They send out a great weekly email of opportunities for artists. Calls for submission, residencies, jobs. It's a great resource.
2- They advocate for artists at all levels of government, pushing to have the work of artists be fairly paid and be considered in policy and law.
3- They are a source of best practices for legal, contract, payment, transporting, and financial activities to do with the business of being an artist.
4- Members receive discounts at many related and unrelated businesses. 
5- They have a kick-ass AGM.
This year the business portion of the meeting took info which some (not me) would think tedious and made it very relevant as Exec Director Sally Lee explained their activities on committees, initiatives, national and international groups. CARFAC's work is not often seen by artists but we reap the benefits through raised profile in government policy, program availability and documented standards by which to conduct our business. It was valuable information and now I know exactly how far my $85 is stretched each year and marvel and what they're able to do on artists' behalf.
We also had multi-media artist Erika DeFreitas speak about her practice. She generously shared so much of her experience, her attitude and the management of her practice. I got so much from her talk. "The way you show your work is how people will see it." "Slow and steady."
If you're an artist, join CARFAC Ontario. You deserve their support. They deserve your support. It's only $85.
PS- They have chapters in each province.” –  Nancy Bennett on October 29, 2017

*If you forgot your password or forget how to log into your CARFAC Ontario account, please use this link. If you have any questions or concerns about your membership, please email Elissa Pendergast, Membership and Communications Coordinator at ep@carfacontario.ca

If you have any questions about the NGC agreement, please contact April Britski, Executive Director of CARFAC National at director@carfac.ca

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