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CARFAC Ontario is one of six regional affiliates that fall under the umbrella of CARFAC, along with CARFAC British Columbia, CARFAC Saskatchewan, CARFAC Manitoba, Visual Arts Newfoundland and Labrador (VANL), and CARFAC Maritimes. CARFAC National is the national organization that develops much of CARFAC policy, advocates on a federal level for artists rights, and develops the CARFAC Minimum Fee Schedule.

CARFAC often partners with a number of other, separate organizations such as Canadian Artists' Representation Copyright Collective (CARCC). CARCC licenses and administers copyright for visual and media artists in Canada. RAAV (Le regroupement des artistes en arts visuals du Quebec) is an organization with a similar mandate to CARFAC but which works exclusively within Quebec, a province with a very different set of legislation pertaining to professional artists.

CARFAC National
Founded in 1968, CARFAC National has worked for over three decades on the legal and economic issues facing artists. All CARFAC Ontario members are automatically members of CARFAC National, which entitles them to various additional membership benefits including the International Artist Card, discounts on Certificates of Canadian Origin, and free membership in CARCC, the Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective.

CARFAC National
April Britski, Executive Director
2 Daly Avenue, Suite 250, Ottawa ON K1N 6E2
Phone: (613) 233-6161 / Fax: (613) 233-6162 / Toll-free: 1 (866) 344-6161 /

Canadian Artists' Representation Copyright Collective (CARCC)
CARCC (Canadian Artists' Representation Copyright Collective Inc), established in 1990, is a copyright collective that licenses and administers copyright for visual and media artists in Canada. Affiliates or members of CARCC assign their copyrights to CARCC for licensing and administration. All uses of a CARCC member's copyright must be licensed by CARCC. Some of the copyrights administered by CARCC are: exhibition, reproduction, reprography, and telecommunication. In addition to representing living artists, CARCC represents artists' estates. In Canada, most copyrights endure for the artist's lifetime plus fifty years. Moral rights endure for the same length of time.

Executive Director, Janice Seline
214 Barclay Road, Ottawa ON K1K 3C2
Phone: (613) 232-3818 / Fax: (613) 232-8384 / Toll free: (866) 502-2722 /

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