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Barbara Simpson


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St. Catharines
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  • painting
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ARTIST STATEMENT: Evolved from strong emotional moments and journeys in my life and through the influence of my dreams, my passion to paint encourages me to explore deep within myself and create from these idyllic moments. My paintings define my individuality, along with my vibrant personality. Influenced by the styles of great masters such as O'Keeffe, Carr, Monet, The Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, Gauguin, I love bold colour with a style to call my own, representing my "joie de vivre". My work is considered upbeat, warm and flattering to the eye. I prominently work with professional artist-grade acrylic paints, painting mostly floral, abstract and water/landscapes. I love all realms of the art world, including writing, photography and music, but painting is my true love. I take great pride in my work, which provides the world the rare opportunity to view life "through my eyes"; a point of view I'm sure you'll find both unique and compelling.

BIO: Born in Longueuil Chambly Quebec, Barbara Simpson is self-taught with her creative ability surfacing at the early age of 10. She was raised on beautiful Georgian Bay in Victoria Harbour ON. Following, she moved much with her family and on her own. Her formal education includes fine art studies at Mount Royal and University of Calgary in Alberta. Leaving a corporate life and 22 years in Calgary Alberta in 2005, Barbara moved back to Ontario where she continued fine art studies at St. Lawrence College in Brockville and revelled in modeling for Life Drawing classes (with the ability to hold a pose for up to 50 minutes!) Participating as a model gave Barbara a different perspective from the other side of the easel, assisting in her creative quest. She is grateful to all of her mentors and feels each have been influential in her success today. Her painting style varies from old-style impressionism to expressionism with a connection to many styles in art history; avant-garde to a certain degree - a hallmark of modernism with a bold romantic relationship with colour. She is not interested in restricting her creativity to just one style or subject matter. She is authentic in her work, originals-only (no prints), fusing what she has learned from the past together with her own, making her work her own. Diverse in her dexterity and varied subjects has allowed Barbara to accept a variety of commission works.

From business corporate to avant-garde, Barbara Simpson considers her dream come true an enjoyable journey and a rewarding way of living life. Following her heart and sharing her joy with the world, Barbara has gained a notable following across North America and into Europe which continues to grow. Barbara Simpson is a full-time professional artist working and residing in St. Catharines with her love, Craig, who is constantly challenging her next original adventure on the easel.

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