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Jose Ospina Cifuentes


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Ospina Cifuentes
  • illustration
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I am a thirty-five-year-old mixed media abstract artist from Medellin, Colombia. Moved my life and practice to Toronto, Canada, to find inspiration for my current chapter of creation. Known for manifesting varied visual representations of freedom, my art is a mixture of thick knife strokes with free-hand illustrations on canvas and recycled surfaces. I collect and portray moods and faces that are in vivid, visceral paint strokes, loose lines, deliberate drips and passionate splatters. My purpose is to create art that enables you to face your own personal freedom. All this to the great end of creating the ideal marriage of fine and urban art.

I draw from my experience as an immigrant in the U.S.A, and now Canada, to express the authenticity of artistic freedom and the emotional havoc that surrounds it. To be an immigrant is to struggle in life with instability, but this also means embracing the realities of said struggle to grow bold, fearless and free. I continually defy the odds by shaking the conventional foundations of traditions seminal to the way of life in predominantly religious countries such as Colombia and United States.

Be free!

414-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario  M5V 3A8

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