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Jose Ospina Cifuentes


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Ospina Cifuentes
  • illustration
  • painting
Artist Statement and Biography
Let my work be known for manifesting varied visual representations of freedom, these unexpected
paintings are a mixture of thick knife strokes with free-hand illustrations on canvas and recycled surfaces.
I collect and portray moods that are in vivid, visceral paint strokes, loose lines, deliberate drips and
passionate splatters using a combination of media including acrylics, oils, spray paint, markers and things
gathered from all around. All this to the novel end of creating an unconventional marriage of fine and
urban art.
Drawing from my experience as an immigrant in the U.S.A, and now Canada, my work expresses the
authenticity of artistic freedom and the emotional havoc that surrounds it. To be an immigrant is to
struggle in life with instability, but this also means embracing the realities of said struggle to grow bold,
fearless and free.
CIFUENTES is a thirty-six-year-old mixed media abstract artist from Medellin, Colombia.
CIFUENTES moved his life and practice to Toronto, Canada, to find inspiration for his current chapter of
Artist since early age, CIFUENTES enrolled in art academies since five years old and did poorly in any
subject that did not involve creativity. Moved to the U.S as a teen where he attended Weehawken High
School and received the Class Artist Award his Senior year, only to be a proud recipient of a full ride
scholarship to study Fine Arts at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. Upon graduation and the
acceptance of a citation by the State of New Jersey and an artistic award by Panasonic, CIFUENTES
begins his professional art career by having his works featured and exhibited numerous times throughout
NJ and NYC.
Due to a complex immigration story, CIFUENTES left the States and moved back to Medellin, Colombia,
where, due to a poor art scene at the time, he used his art to start a clothing brand called beFREE
Clothing and to his misfortune, their award-winning business enterprise caught the wrong attention and
they suffered extortion and were forced to shut down. Two years later CIFUENTES decided to move to
Canada and start a life in a safe place where him and his family didn't have to fear for their life and his
art could flourish. Since December 2016 actions have spoken louder than words. CIFUENTES is here to
contribute to the cultural fabric of Toronto and Canada.
In 2019 he was the proud recipient of the Refugee and Newcomer Mentorship Grant by Toronto
Arts Council and had great opportunities to exhibit his work at various galleries and venues in Toronto
while gaining local recognition in the form of features in printed, digital and social media, as well as
commissioned work and collaborations.

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