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Fall 2014 Webinars

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Marketing 2.0

Recorded on October 1st, 2014 
w/ Ben Benedict 

The field of marketing is constantly changing and it can be overwhelming to keep up to date and on top of all the possible avenues of communication. But not to worry, we’ll discuss the best practices in approaching the playing field. Participants will learn how to identify and define their market, and how to establish and maintain their presence as an artist through different outlets. This will also include an overview of the best online social media tools for artists.

About the Speaker: Ben Benedict is an artist, arts journalist, and founder of Benedict Creative Communications, a professional writing and public relations firm. His artistic practice includes missed media collage and oil painting. He has extensive experience with magazine writing, radio and television and also sits on the city of London’s Creative City Committee.

Art in Cyberspace

Recorded on October 15th, 2014 
w/ Clayton Windatt 

Do you ever feel your art may get lost in the loads of information and graphics on the web? Not sure the best way to sell online? Scared your art may be stolen if you post pictures? The first part of this webinar, our expert will share their knowledge of where to safely sell your work online, as well as the pros and cons of the different services.

In the second half, Torys LLP, will discuss using images from the web as inspiration or as part of your work. We’ll help you navigate through copyright surrounding the use of photographic images as source material and the best practice for respectfully accessing images online.

About the Speaker: Clayton Windatt is a Métis arts administrator currently working as the director of White Water Gallery in North Bay. He works actively with several arts organizations locally, provincially and nationally on committees and boards of directors. Clayton works as a columnist for the North Bay Nipissing News producing a weekly arts column for the Nipissing District. He also aids in local arts activities and administration through Aanmitaagzi and their different community arts events and founded the Active Arts Festival.

Torys LLP is the law firm that partners with CARFAC Ontario to provide summary advice to artists about their legal rights and responsibilities through VALCO (Visual Artists’ legal Clinic of Ontario).

Doing Business with Commercial Galleries

Recorded on October 29th, 2014 
w/ Don Monet

The artist-dealer handshake can often be a daunting and frustrating one to agree upon. This webinar will help prepare you for the task of negotiating terms and contracts, and cover the best practices for establishing prices and sales commissions. We’ll discuss the current trends of the commercial market and what standards are expected on both sides of the table. After this seminar you’ll have the knowledge of all things involved in the artist-dealer relationship and know how to assess what you both want and need.

About the Speaker: Don Monet has experience on both sides business, as an artist and owner of Cube Gallery in Ottawa, which is now in its ninth year. He concentrates his practice towards landscape, photo-collage, and found object paintings. Don has organized a number of solo shows and thematic group exhibitions featuring local and national visual artists, musicians, actors, and dancers. Additionally, he has taught courses at the University of Ottawa and the National Gallery.

The Perfect Portfolio

Recorded on November 12th, 2014 
w/ Dipna Horra

This workshop seminar will walk you through how to create that perfect, stand out, eye-catching portfolio. From visual to written documentation, we’ll provide a checklist of what to include in order to showcase your talent. This webinar is not only for emerging artists searching for advice on how to get started, but all those looking to further enhance their portfolio. Our speaker will discuss the differences between emerging, mid-level, and established career level portfolios and suggest changes to make as you build your profile. By the end of this webinar, your portfolio will be a masterpiece of its own!

About the Speaker: Dipna Horra is a mix media based artist, practicing and experimenting with painting, drawing, sculpture and video and sound instillation. She has worked as an architect and arts educator in New York and various Canadian cities, as well as an arts reviewer on CBC radio. The Ottawa based artist has exhibited in Canada, Dubai, and the UK, and has received acclaim for her online instillation www.dipnahorra.com.

Grant Writing

Recorded on November 26th, 2014 
w/ Lisa Wohrle and Kristen Fahrig

A need to know for all, grants can help push your career to the next level. And we want to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge on how to succeed. This webinar will address the details of what to include in a written proposal and artist statement, as well as how the jury process works. We’ll give you the breakdown of the common mistakes to avoid and an overview of what a success application looks like. Plus, our two speakers will provide perspectives from both the jury and artist experience.

About the Speakers: Lisa Wohrle is the Associate Visual Art and Crafts Officer at the Ontario Arts Council, responsible for operating grants for artist-run centres, curators, collectives and visual arts organizations. From 2001 to 2010 she served as an associate officer, tasked with grant programs for visual and media arts. Wohrle’s extensive experience in the visual arts field and as an artist and administrator is hard to match.

Kristen Fahrig is a Toronto based professional sculptor, educator and cultural animator. Over the past 15 years, she has developed art, creativity and design workshops for people of all ages. Additionally, Kristen has led various community art projects and built permanent installations around Toronto parks. She has won numerous grants from both the Canada Council of the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

Creatively Making a Living as an Artist

Recorded on December 10th, 2014 
w/ Yael Brotman

Finding time to let your creativity run free can be difficult between all the other pieces of your life. This webinar is for all those who are looking for guidance on skillfully managing time, so that your may fully pursue your arts career. Our professional presenter, Yael Brotman, is here to share her personal experiences of juggling everyday life with her career as an artist. She’ll provide examples of her own failures and triumphs to help you overcome not having enough hours in a day.

About the Speaker: Yael Brotman’s practice includes drawing, painting, and installation. Her work has been reviewed by the Globe and Mail as well as the National Post. She has exhibited across Canada and internationally in Australia, China and the United States. Yael is currently serves as Vice President on the board of directors at CARFAC Ontario and is a member of the faulty of the Art, Culture and Media Department at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Oh, and she’s a mother. Talk about time management!

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