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CARFAC Ontario is seeking active members of visual arts communities across the province to join our board of directors. If you are a professional visual artist interested in improving the socio-economic conditions of your fellow practicing artists through advocacy and education, we’d love to hear from you.

The board of directors is responsible for overseeing the organization’s governance and strategic direction in alignment with our mandate of artists working for artists, artists speaking for artists towards adequate payment; healthy working conditions; employment benefits; and other rights normally accorded to workers in other segments of society. These are what we, as artists, are working to provide for fellow artists aligning with our vision of promoting thriving art communities, as well as the business goals of a new strategic plan. With these aims in mind, we are looking for individuals with financial experience and an interest in fundraising and business development.

In order to continue representing the needs of visual artists, the board of directors should accurately reflect the diversity of the various arts communities that we serve. As such, we are especially interested in working with individuals from historically marginalized and underserved/underrepresented communities. (See more under “Representation”)

The board currently has three out of nine volunteer director positions open.

Why join?

CARFAC Ontario actively engages with visual artists, art communities, arts organizations, various levels of government, and other stakeholders, to strengthen the visual arts sector. Joining the CARFAC Ontario board gives you the opportunity to:

  • Enhance the work of CARFAC Ontario with your valuable experience working as a visual artist across a variety of areas, including: advocacy, financial/business development, legal experience, education and development, sectoral best practices, and more.
  • Be an active participant in the development and ongoing work outlined by the organization.
  • Provide regional representation and knowledge exchange to your and other communities.

To learn more about CARFAC Ontario, please visit carfacontario.ca.

What we need:

  • Must be a professional artist
  • Social justice-minded/-hearted and commitment to community organizing is strongly desirable
  • Experience working with budgets, finances, fundraising and development is considered an asset
  • Familiarity with granting system
  • Members of the board need to be a member in good standing of CARFAC Ontario (see note under “How to apply”)


The time commitment is approximately 6 hours a month for non-executive board members (this does not include participation in working groups as they might arise).

  • Be an ambassador and advocate for the work of CARFAC Ontario out in the community
  • Provide organizational governance and leadership
  • In-person or remote attendance at board meetings, approx. 3 hours every other month.
  • Attend the annual general meeting which takes place every fall in Toronto.
  • Support and participate in sponsorship and fundraising efforts
  • Participate in working groups / committees
  • Attend other CARFAC Ontario events, where possible.
  • Given that board members live across Ontario, many conversations take place through email and phone. A commitment to timely and thoughtful communications is essential.

Representation & Priorities:

CARFAC Ontario serves artists across the province of Ontario, and members of CARFAC Ontario’s board of directors are often connected to and able to speak on behalf of their various communities (Northern artists, emerging artists etc).

We are particularly interested in artists who live in and can engage with rural communities or cities outside the Greater Toronto Area. We strongly encourage applications from artists who are members of historically marginalized and/or underserved/underrepresented communities, especially individuals who identify with diverse gender and sexual identities (including LGBTQ2+); Black/Indigenous/people of colour; people living with dis/ability, HIV and/or other chronic/long-term health conditions. CARFAC Ontario strives to be an inclusive and safe space for all.

How to apply:

Please send a CV, a brief bio and an expression of interest to board@carfacontario.ca. If you have any questions please email Kohila Kurunathan (President) and Leesa Bringas (Vice President) at board@carfacontario.ca. Please do not call the CARFAC Ontario office.

We are committed to equitable recruitment practices. In order to be considered for equity-based recruitment, please include a note in your letter of interest stating, “I’d like to be considered for recruitment equity.” While you are welcome to elaborate further, it is not required. In the event that multiple individuals fulfill the needs outlined, priority will be given to those considered under recruitment equity.

Membership with CARFAC Ontario is required in order to serve on the board of directors. However, membership status will not be an assessment criterion.

Deadline for submission: ongoing

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