CARFAC Ontario

CARFAC Ontario is the association of professional visual and media artists. Founded in 1968, CARFAC (Canadian Artists' Representation/le Front des artistes canadiens) has worked for 40 years on the legal and economic issues facing visual artists. We believe that artists, like professionals in other fields, should be paid for their work and share equitably in profits from their art practice. The work of CARFAC Ontario is to develop policies, publications and services that assist artists, galleries, curators, art patrons, and other stakeholders in creating an economic climate that benefits all visual artists.




The 2015 Artists' Day Planner

The 2015 Artists’ Day Planner is in production and you will be able to order it within the next couple of weeks!
It is especially exciting because in 2015 CARFAC Ontario will celebrate its 40th anniversary! 
Update: Nov 17, 2014  

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The 2015 Artist's Day Planner 

Published annually, The Artists' Day Planner will help you allocate your time while identifying opportunities to which you can submit your work. You will be able to clearly see when various funding bodies have deadlines, and plan your schedule accordingly. You will refer to your Artists' Day Planner again and again as you work to meet your professional goals!

This is the second year that we have included a concise version version of the Exhibition Fee Schedule within this publication. 

Also a great gift idea for the artist in your life!

♦  Weekly and monthly planning layouts
♦  Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, various
    municipal funding programs, and many more funding and
    exhibition opportunities with deadlines in 2015
♦  Artist-focused advertising to help you find businesses that
    provide the services and products you need
♦  Space for creative sketching and note taking
♦  Lined writing space in each day segment
♦  Monday to Sunday structure to maximize your weekend
♦  Size: 6" (W) x 8.5"(H)
♦  Spiral Bound

It has all the features that you like and it's convenient and handy, with plenty of space for your notes and drawings!

Supreme Fundraiser

On May 14th, 2014 CARFAC will be heading to the Supreme Court of Canada for a final “dance” with the National Gallery. For the last 11 years, the organizations that represent visual artists, CARFAC & RAAV, have been trying to negotiate standards for the payment of artists at the National Gallery that would be binding – similar to a minimum wage. 

We are still short of our goal of raising $50,000 to cover all legal costs connected to the case. The event at Cube Gallery will also offer a chance for the community to purchase items such as t-shirts, stickers and buttons that make reference to CARFAC's important advocacy work. For those individuals that are unable to attend the event but want to share in the moment, you are able to purchase items:


*Please note the colour of the T-shirt is darker then in the image above, it's dark navy and black.

Please refer to the T-shirts Sizing Chart for information about each size. 

Supreme Package: $40

  • T-Shirt with “Has the Artist Been Paid” quote
  • 2 “Has the Artist Been Paid” buttons (Pink & Black versions)
  • Sticker with Karl Beveridge quote


Each of the items above can be purchased separately.  Tell us what you’d like to get:

"Has the Artist Been Paid" T-shirt: $30 



"Has the Artist Been Paid" buttons + Karl Beveridge sticker: $10  Buy Now 

"Has the Artist Been Paid" buttons: $5 Buy Now 

Karl Beveridge sticker: $5 Buy Now 


Or to make a donation click here!


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